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Frequently-Asked Questions About Bird Control Services

Got questions about bird control? Read our FAQ for answers to common bird control solutions.

Do you offer a free consultation?
Yes, we are happy to help and offer free quotes. Please, contact us so that we can visit your location and examine the situation.
Are you going to get rid of the birds?

There are many options depending on the species of the bird. Please, visit our Bird Control Methods page or contact us for a free consultation.

How long will the birds stay in if we don’t do anything?
It depends on the species. Some would never leave whereas others may use roofing stop on the way to their nesting area. The best way to get the right answer for all your queries is by scheduling a free consultation with us.
What type of cleanups do you provide?
We do all types of jobs: residential, commercial, and industrial. We clean up the bird’s feces and make the entire area disinfected; a bird can carry up to 20 diseases with it. We clean bird’s eggs, nest, and dead birds.
Do you recommend exclusion during or after the cleanup?
We highly recommend doing a cleanup before any other exclusion method.
The birds are inside the building, what do I do?

You need assistance as soon as possible. We can come in and help you with your problem with efficiency and speed. Contact us for a free consultation.

Should I be worried about my health?
Yes. Birds can transmit up to 20 diseases. Call us for a free consultation.
How much will it cost?
Caskade Bird Control Inc is proud to offer free estimates on site. Every situation is unique, please contact us.
I think a bird is in a vent, what should I do?
Birds inside a venting system can cause serious health issues or fire to a structure. If you suspect you have a bird in a vent, call us immediately.
How are you going to get rid of the birds?

There any many options depending on the species of the bird – please see our Bird Control Methods page or contact us for a free consultation.

Call us to speak with one of our staff members about our bird trapping or control services. You can also contact us to get a free consultation.

Why Choose Us

Our experts will ensure that every job is done safely and efficiently without harming the birds. When you need a professional to resolve your pest bird issues, call Randy – our bird control specialist.

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Humane Practices

Amazing Job

Caskade Bird Control did amazing job netting off our warehouse docking area of approximately 18000 sq feet, eliminating all bird activity to the beams and saving us thousands of dollars a year in cleanup costs.

Dave S.

JR Wholesales


Excellent Job

Randy and his crew did an excellent job of cleaning up and netting in our entire HVAC system. This ended years of complaints every spring when the A/C would start up and we haven't had a problem since. The job was done on time, for the quoted price and in a manner that met all of our safety criteria.

Ben L.

Foremost Industries, Calgary, AB


Polite and Professional

Caskade Bird Control was very polite and professional on helping us with our residential bird problem.


Calgary, AB


Reliable and Quick to Respond

We use Caskade Bird Control for all our condo bird issues for the past 5 years. Very reliable and quick to respond.

Loretta B.

Raven Ridge Condo

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