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Pigeon Control and Prevention in Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Pigeons have homing instinct since birth because they are attached to their established roosting and nesting areas. These pest birds are afraid of predators so they are found setting up their nests in residential and commercial properties instead of trees.

Pigeons do not take long to nest and are the fastest reproducing bird in the world, so flock sizes will typically double. These birds carry over 20 different types of diseases.

If you are facing problems with pigeons, call the professionals at Caskade Bird Control Inc for pigeon control in Calgary and surrounding areas. 

Pigeon Droppings Can Pose a Serious Health Risk

Bird droppings and nesting materials on buildings can result in various health issues. Through air conditioning systems, airborne spores from dried droppings can enter a building and can affect the health of employees, customers, or patients. Pigeon droppings can lead to various diseases like histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis.

Droppings and Nesting Can Affect Property

In addition to health hazards, the build-up of droppings on roofs of properties can also shorten the life expectancy of roofing materials. Pigeon feces can destroy surfaces and materials because of their corrosive properties. The nesting materials, droppings, and feathers of pigeons can also block HVAC systems, drains, vents, gutters, and more.

Common Ways for Pigeon Control on Your Property

Pigeons are found in the areas where sources of food are available. An ideal way to control them is to change their environment by removing water sources from rooftops, never leaving food outside, removing roosting niches, and more. Bird scaring devices, bird deterrents, and toxicants can also be used to control pigeons in your area.

Choose Us to Install Pigeon Control Netting

Bird netting, spiking, and trapping can resolve your bird control issues.

Amazing Job

Caskade Bird Control did amazing job netting off our warehouse docking area of approximately 18000 sq feet, eliminating all bird activity to the beams and saving us thousands of dollars a year in cleanup costs.

Dave S.

JR Wholesales


Excellent Job

Randy and his crew did an excellent job of cleaning up and netting in our entire HVAC system. This ended years of complaints every spring when the A/C would start up and we haven't had a problem since. The job was done on time, for the quoted price and in a manner that met all of our safety criteria.

Ben L.

Foremost Industries, Calgary, AB


Polite and Professional

Caskade Bird Control was very polite and professional on helping us with our residential bird problem.


Calgary, AB


Reliable and Quick to Respond

We use Caskade Bird Control for all our condo bird issues for the past 5 years. Very reliable and quick to respond.

Loretta B.

Raven Ridge Condo

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