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At Caskade Bird Control Inc, we offer a wide range of bird removal services to the residents of Calgary and surrounding areas. The initial step of all bird removal programs is to identify the type of bird that is creating nuisance. You can rely on our experts to help in identifying the bird species.

Pest Birds Habits, Behaviour, and Nuisance

Blackbirds: This omnivorous bird eats insects, earthworms, berries, and fruits. Blackbirds are all black except for a yellow eye-ring.  Such birds can damage crops like corn and sunflowers because they like to feed on grains and seeds. Blackbirds will not only eat these foods but can also contaminate them with their droppings.

Magpies: These opportunistic feeders eat insects, seeds, and carrion. They can create a nuisance for homeowners, farmers, and gardeners. Magpies need about six weeks to construct their large nests. They can mimic the human voice and collect food as a team.

Ravens:  These omnivorous birds feed on carrion, insects, berries, fruits, cereal grains, and food waste.

Flickers: These birds eat ants and are found primarily on the sides of the homes making holes in stucco. Flickers have colourful markings on their head and are the most common species found in Central Alberta.

Woodpeckers: Such birds are known for communicating by drumming with their beaks. They eat fruits, bird eggs, small animals, and tree sap. Woodpeckers generally set up their nests in holes that they create in tree trunks. They can create a nuisance by making holes in properties and feeding on fruit crops.

Seagulls: These carnivorous’ birds often eat crabs and small fish. They set up their nests in large, densely packed, and noisy colonies. The commercial properties near the coast are at greater risk with seagulls. Also, seagulls use many modern buildings with flat roofs and straight sides for nesting.


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Amazing Job

Caskade Bird Control did amazing job netting off our warehouse docking area of approximately 18000 sq feet, eliminating all bird activity to the beams and saving us thousands of dollars a year in cleanup costs.

- Dave S.
JR Wholesales

Polite and Professional

Caskade Bird Control was very polite and professional on helping us with our residential bird problem.

- Sandy
Calgary, AB

Reliable and Quick to Respond

We use Caskade Bird Control for all our condo bird issues for the past 5 years. Very reliable and quick to respond.

- Loretta B.
Raven Ridge Condo

Excellent Job

Randy and his crew did an excellent job of cleaning up and netting in our entire HVAC system. This ended years of complaints every spring when the A/C would start up and we haven't had a problem since. The job was done on time, for the quoted price and in a manner that met all of our safety criteria.

- Ben L.
Foremost Industries, Calgary, AB


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